Table called « the Tronchin »

Architect’s table called "à la Tronchin" named after the famous Swiss doctor from Geneva Théodore Tronchin (1709-1781). It was invented by the master cabinetmaker Louis Dufour in 1777 who created a table that is raised and lowered by a rack system thus making it possible to facilitate different working positions.

This mahogany one has a belt drawer with sliding shelf inside and two side zippers. The central plate is removable by a rack system embedded in the feet on the front and a removable rack system on the rear. The central plate of embossed red leather also allows a trigger system to be removable.

The sheath base ends with bronze shoes mounted on casters.

Directoire period (1795-1799)

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
37 × 23.22 × 31.1 in
XVII-XVIIIth century
Decorative art

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