Georges Jacob Pair of armchairs ordered in 1780 for the Grand Salon of Beauregard Castel

To find objects of this quality is rare as Georges Jacob is one of the most appreciated masters of the 18th century. 

This pair of armchairs in molded and carved beech wood, cream lacquered, the back slightly curved, the upper part in basket handle, the armrests with cuffs ending in scrolls and resting on fluted console uprights and decorated with acanthus leaves. The connecting piece is decorated with flowers. Feet tapered, fluted, and filleted.

Circa 1780 the Marquis de Séréni commissioned Georges Jacob to design a set of seats in the Louis XVI style to furnish his castle, the Château de Beauregard in Burgundy.

Our seats are to be compared with seats delivered for the Petit Trianon and kept today in Versailles, as well as armchairs present in the dining room of the Hôtel de la Marine Place de la Concorde.

Our seats, show the stamp of Georges Jacob (very difficult to see), the mark I.B of the sculptor, who seems to have also sculpted for Jean-Baptiste Claude Séné. Finally, on the straps, the marks of inventory with the stencil SBGS, for Marquis de Séréni - Château de Beauregard - Grand Salon.


Dimensions Length x Width x Height
23.22 × 20.07 × 35.62 in
XVII-XVIIIth century
Decorative art

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