Who is FleaMarket Paris?

Flea Market Paris

Based in the French capital, FleaMarket Paris is a bridge between the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty and facilitates trade between French antique dealers and designers and American decorators and collectors. Each week, we select the most beautiful objects in the capital at the flea market. And, when time permits, we take you to the most confidential Parisian addresses.


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109 Cours de Vincennes

75020 PARIS

Tel : 06 21 11 22 74

Philippe Mevel

Philippe Mevel provides private guided tours of Paris Flea Markets and antiques boutiques. He has been an antiques dealer and antiques professional for 10 years.

Philippe Mevel spent his formative years in Switzerland and France, before moving to the United States in 1999. From 2000 to 2006, he worked for the prestigious Gasiunasen Fine Arts Gallery in Palm Beach (Florida) where he met several of the world’s most important collectors. In 2007, he decided to work as an independant antiques advisor and a private arts dealer (he worked on a few prestigious deals (paintings by Picasso, Chagall…).

His client portfolio includes medium to large S&P companies such as Gold Coast Beverage, Toll Brothers Inc, Kaye, Bradfield Corp, Cullman Kravis Inc etc, architects, interior designers, decorators, dealers, museums, and C-suite executives, top teams and emerging leaders engaged in management consultancy, oil and gas, banking, food manufacturing, travel and leisure. 

Philippe’s of love of history and the antiques was initially formed in France. He currently lives between Paris and Palm Beach. 

His areas of specialty include 17th and 18th century French furniture.
Philippe Mevel aims to provide clients – both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers – with expert advice on every facet of the fine arts (modern art, antiques etc).

Philippe Mevel draws on his combined experience acquired over fifteen years, within the Paris antiques trade and the Palm Beach Fine Arts market. His accrued knowledge has given him a highly critical eye and an insight which assures a professional, friendly, personable and efficient service. Philippe Mevel has earned an unparalleled reputation for providing top-notch services to his upscale clients.

Patrice Masson

Patrice Masson has been working in the art and digital world for 20 years. With a doctorate in literature, he is one of the pioneers of digital technology in France. 

In 2001, he founded a digital agency that became Samsung's digital agency in France while working through websites and interactive installations in the public space for French museums, like Rodin Museum, Centre Pompidou, CentQuatre or the French ministry of culture.

More recently, he created One Arty Minute, a company specialized in the conservation of our cultural memory and the creation of catalogs raisonnés.

It was during brokerage operations that Patrice Masson met Philippe Mével. A few months of gestation were enough to give birth to Flea Market Paris...

Philippe Rodrigues

Philippe Rodrigues is the one who really makes things possible... Technical director, he met Patrice Masson 20 years ago at Montparnasse Multimédia. A talented digital architect, he has worked in the past on projection operations in public places as well as on the creation of multi-touch tables.

Co-founder of the platform One Arty Minute, the other Philippe of FleaMarket took the lead in the creation of this platform oriented for the valorization of the antique and design professions.