We select the best antiques in Paris Flea Market for your decoration

The old Paris flea market and its antique shops as if you were in the French capital with your own personal buyer.... Flea market Paris searches for the most beautiful objects in antique shops and designers to offer them to antique collectors or interior decorators. We unearth for you lamps, consoles, chests of drawers, tables, sofas and armchairs of style or period, and of course vintage objects and furniture.


Do you know the Carré Rive Gauche and the Carré Rive droite ? Do you know what the French call "Les Puces" ? Do you know the Biron market, the Paul Bert Serpette market, the labyrinth of the Vernaison market and some other more confidential markets around Porte de Clignancourt and Porte de Saint-Ouen?


Paris flea market is the largest flea market in the world. It has more than 1200 dealers. We know them all and we are bargain hunters !


We select antique furniture and objects and negotiate them for you at the best price so that you make good deals. We also negotiate a secure door-to-door transport for all collectors, decorators and amateurs.


If you don't find what you are looking for in our selection, please contact us. We will find it for you!




What's on this week at the Paris Flea Market
Wednesday, 1 February, 2023

Each week, we publish a selection of furniture and objects that we have discovered in Parisian antique shops and in the galleries of the Flea Market. 


You will find in this section our latest treasures, chosen for their quality, their elegance, their rarity but also because they are in phase with the trends of decoration.

To dress an interior of furniture and objects of great decoration is not easy. A matter for specialists! We select with the greatest antique dealers of the Parisian place the most exceptional furniture. 


Period furniture, often stamped or signed by the greatest cabinetmakers of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Little varied during the High Period, the furniture becomes more refined and feminine with the Louis XIII and Louis XIV Style and of classical and antique inspiration with the Louis XVI and Empire Style.


Each period has its own elegance to express luxury and savoir-vivre à la Française.

The Flea Market Paris team observes with curiosity the appearance at the flea market of vintage furniture created by the great designers of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Born at the end of the first world war, these pieces of furniture take up the modernist spirit of the Bauhaus, play between functionality and elegance of forms. They do not hesitate to use the new materials that appear from the 60s to integrate plastics and composite materials with new ranges of colors.


Created in an industrial logic, vintage furniture also expresses the appearance of a porosity between architecture, functional furniture and Art.

The lights create the atmosphere! A decorator always looks for the essential elements that go into the composition of an interior: table, sofa, armchair and... lights!


Ancient or contemporary, chandeliers, wall lamps or floor lamps sublimate an interior and create a dialogue between the furniture of a same room. A bright light for the whole, a soft light to rest, create intimacy and read.


For each space its own light.

Napoleon is a great historical figure, famous throughout the world.
We have found at the flea market some exceptionally well made furniture in a beautiful state of preservation. Here is something to relive the great hours of Napoleonic France: magnificent carved wood for one with an inspiration return of Egypt; the second, plunging with the marquetry Boulle in the spirit of the Renaissance. And always, to let the sunshine in, golden elements.

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