Maori Mass, New Zealand "Patu paraoa" type

Maori Mass, New Zealand "Patu paraoa" type. The blade is made of sperm whale bone, with a flared shape and a handle carved with four grooves. 
On the upper part of the bone club there is a suspension hole.
Bone was a highly valued material because it was very strong and shock resistant. 
The sharp sides of these weapons were used to strike at the temple, jaw and ribs in the many battles that Maori warriors had to face in order to assert their prestige. 

Maori clubs carved from whale bone, such as the one shown here, were the privilege of certain chiefs. "Extremely rare, some of them had a ceremonial use. 
The beauty of the shape and the light colored patina of use, slightly veined, allow us to date this piece probably around the middle of the 20th century or earlier. 

Specimen made in a lateral part called costal facet of a cetacean (Cetacea spp) vertebra, probably from a large sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) (I/A) pre-convention.
Specimen prior to June 1, 1947, in conformity with the rules CE 338/97 of 09/12/1996 art.2-W mc. 
This specimen is also included in the French Environment Code and is exempt from the prohibition in view of its dating.

XXth century

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