Thee Three Gods, painting by Victor de Limoelan

Born in 1814 in Nantes, he died in 1872. He was a pupil of Léon Cogniet from whom he kept his taste for history painting. From 1842 to 1866 he exhibited numerous portraits, genre scenes and mythological scenes at the Salon.

He was also an excellent draughtsman.

Our painting, very finely painted, shows the gods Bacchus, Aphrodite and Pan lying against oak trees near a stream. A luxuriant vegetation surrounds them, caresses them and brings them the freshness of the undergrowth.

The god Pan has left his flock, which can be seen in the background, blowing his flute, perhaps thinking of Syrinx. Aphrodite dressed in an antique dress, caresses a goat with the ivy that has escaped from the thyrse of the god Bacchus.

Signed on the left. V de Limoélan.

The gilded wooden frame with gold leaf will be restored.

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
51.96 × 3.93 × 63.77 in
XIXth century
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Fine Art

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