Maprik currency

This coin comes from the Maprik region of Papua New Guinea. A gold ring coin in the shape of a ring with a notched and grooved relief on a section of its periphery, evoking the beak of a hornbill.
Carved from the shell of a giant clam, this circular sculpture is used as a dowry for wedding ceremonies, but also as an offering or even as a currency for compensatory exchanges. 
The central hole is made by abrasion with sand and a bamboo tool. It takes weeks of work to reach a regular shape and a polished aspect. This delicate operation often results in cracks in the shell mass, as is the case here. 
Mid-twentieth century.
Carved tridacne, old and slight trace of red color residual. 
Dimension (without base) : outside diameter 22,5 cm, inside diameter 9,9 cm, depth 2 cm.

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
8.85 × 0.78 × 8.85 in
XXth century

From: Saint-Ouen 93400 FR

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