Japanese gold and silver lacquered paper box (Ryoshibako)

Ryoshibako or document box with a tray inside in takamaki-e and hiramaki-e gold and silver lacquer, gold leaf and kirigane, on black background sprinkled of mura-nashiji. The lid is decorated by flying cranes, roosted in a big prunus in flower or next to waterfall. The Mount Fuji rises in the background. The edge depicts a setting of cranes close to a prunus in flower on the beside of a river. The other side of the lid depicts two turtles in pine tree shoots in a mura-nashijibackground. The inside is in black lacquer and fundame edge.

Japan – Edo Period (1603-1868)

Height : 16 cm (6,3 inch) – Length : 40 cm (15,7 inch)  – Width : 30,5 cm (12 inch)

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
16 × 30 × 6 in
XVII-XVIIIth century

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