Poster by Claude Gadoue for Vin Camp Romain

Poster to promote Camp Romain wines, circa 1930.
Côtes du Rhône wines are from different grape varieties, notably Syrah and Grenache, but also other white, red and rosé grape varieties.
Camp Roman wines now belong to Laudun Chusclan. Since 2008, it has brought together the cellars of Vignerons de Laudun (created in 1925) and Vignerons de Chusclan (created in 1939).
The cuvée du Camp Romain refers to the famous Camp de César in Laudun. Dated over 2000 years, many objects bear witness to the culture of the vine by the Romans.

Colour lithograph on paper, Linen backing.

Printer : Affiches Camis, Paris

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
47.2 × 0.07 × 63 in
XXth century
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Fine Art

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