Poster par Leopoldo Melticovitz for Flouvella parfume

Metlicovitz has produced many posters for the Sauze Frères cosmetics firm. The Flouvella perfume poster represents a woman dressed with a light veil that reveals her beauty. Other posters for Sauzé perfumes include Fleur de Mousse and Liane Fleurie.
More recent than Guerlain, the Sauzé Frères perfume factory was located inMénelotte Street in Colombes in 1913. For fifty years it produced perfumes and luxury colognes. They were the first French Perfumers to create art posters for Perfumes.

Colour lithograph on paper, Linen backing, circa 1910.

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
31.5 × 0.07 × 42.9 m
XXth century
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Fine Art

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