Poster Stop-fire by Charles Loupot

Charles Loupot is a poster artist and French lithographer who designed posters from 1916 until the 1960s. With Cassandre, Carlu and Colin, he is one of the most innovative and influential artists of the first part of the twentieth century. 

The work from his early years in Switzerland is devoted to fashion and luxury brands, circa 1925.

He then moved to France and worked for several major brands including Peugeot, Saint-Raphaël Quinquina, Valentine paints, Nicolas wines, L'Oreal ...
Here, in the first of the two posters for Stop Fire, he uses the image of a pretty woman, beautifully dressed, to promote fire extinguishers.

Printer : Les Belles Affiches, Paris.
Colour lithograph on paper, Linen backing

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
51.2 × 0.07 × 78.7 in
XXth century

From: Saint-Ouen 93400 FR

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