Salon des Cent by Alphonse Mucha

Colour lithograph poster on paper by Alphonse Mucha for 20th edition of the Salon des Cent in March-April 1896. The Salon des Cent (also known as "Salon de la Plume") is an exhibition of French art designed by Léon Deschamps, launched in Paris in February 1894 in the lobby of the journal La Plume. The idea was to exhibit and sell prints and drawings associated with the literary and artistic periodical. 
This exhibition hosted famous artists of the time including Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri-Gabriel Ibels, Eugène Grasset, Fernand-Louis Gottlob, Pierre Bonnard, Georges de Feure, Rene Lalique, Henri Matisse ...

This poster was Mucha’s introductory gift to La Plume in appreciation of being invited to join the magazine’s stable of artists. 

Very good condition, linen backing.

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
16.5 × 0.039 × 25.2 in
XIXth century
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Fine Art

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