Carlo Nason

Carlo Nason (1935) is an Italian lighting designer. Born in Murano, he is the descendant of one of the oldest families of glassblowers in Murano. From the age of 10, he participated in the life of the workshop. At the age of 18, he produced vases that were added to the collections of the Corning Museum in New York in 1959.

From the family business, he joined Gianni Mazzega, a company for which he produced many of the pieces for which he is now famous: the Lotus lamp LT305, the floor lamp LT 316 Sfumato, etc.

Among all these pieces, some, like the pendant lamp LS132 , can no longer be produced because of the processes and acids used.

Carlo Nason lighting for sale on Flea Market Paris
Lotus table lamp LT 305 by Carlo Nason
Iceberg lamp by Carlo Nason