Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand's name is attached to that of Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier.

Founder of the UAM (Union des Artistes Modernes) with Robert Mallet-Stevens, she made a name for herself when she was still a young graduate of the Arts Décoratifs by creating a bar under the roofs. In collaboration with René Herbst, Louis Sognot, Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier, she created La Maison du Jeune Homme for the 1935 international exhibition.

Very involved in the political struggles of her time, she creates simple and functional furniture, resolutely turned towards a certain idea of modernity. Among her most recognized creations, her bookcase Nuage of 1956, the extensible table Ospite, the swivel stool LC8 and its swivel seat LC7 as well as the famous chaise longue LC4.
Between 1967 and 1986, pushing ever further the idea of a design integrated into the life of the population, she participated in the design of the resort of Les Arcs, invented her swivel lamps, etc.

Charlotte Perriand's furniture for sale on Flea Market Paris
Coffee table by Charlotte Perriand
Bench of Charlotte Perriand
LC4, Le Corbusier et Charlotte Perriand