Edmond Lachenal

Edmond Lachenal (1855-1930) is one of the great representatives of Art Nouveau with Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat (1844-1910).
Born in 1855, he began his apprenticeship as a potter at the age of 12 with Victor Rouvier before joining Théodore Deck where he worked for 10 years. At first a turner, he became the head of the workshop and signed many ceramic decorations.

Married to Anna Le Cloarec, also a ceramist, we find Edmond Lachenal in Châtillon where he develops a metal-ceramic solution by electrolysis, allowing him to obtain a particular enamel.

The animals and the pieces inspired by nature produced in his workshop make the success of the workshop. It was to him that Auguste Rodin called to produce the head of his Balzac in sandstone.


Théodore Deck, Emile Decoeur, Louis Dejean, Georges de Feur, Agnès de Frumerie, Hector Guimard, Jeanne Jozo, Jean-Jacques Lachenal, Raoul Lachenal, Anna Le Cloarec, Auguste Rodin,  René de Saint-Marceaux, Henri Simmen.

Edmond Lachenal's ceramics on sale on Flea Market Paris
Ceramic vase by Edmond Lachenal