Eugène Printz

Eugène Printz (1889-1948) is one of the great cabinetmakers of the early 20th century. Having grown up in his father's Parisian cabinetmaking workshop, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Eugène Printz became familiar with his father's trade and learned to copy Louis XV and Louis XVI style furniture.

Self-taught in his own way, Eugène Prinz had the good fortune to cross paths with Pierre Chareau, who had just launched his own architectural firm. This meeting led him straight to the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in 1925 where he was noticed for the originality of his furniture and the originality of his sliding doors.

His furniture is often considered as unique pieces, custom-made for a wealthy clientele around the world but also for the city of Paris. The woods he prefers are palm, walnut veneer, lacquered wood, sometimes enriched with elegant dinanderie.


Pierre Chareau, Jean Dunand.

Eugène Printz