Georges Jouve

Georges Jouve (1910 - 1964) is the leading French ceramist of the 1950s. Born in 1910 in Fontenay Sous bois near Paris to parents who were both decorators, he began studying at the Ecole Boulle before graduating in 1930. He began a career in the theater as a decorator before being caught up in the Second World War and being taken prisoner. He escaped and took refuge in the Drôme, in Dieulefit where he learned ceramics.

Halfway between the practice of sculpture and ceramics, he became known and recognized for his black enamels remarkable for their metallic reflections.


Mathieu Matégot, Jeanne et Norbert Pierlot, Paul Rouillier

Georges Jouve
Ceramics by Georges Jouve on sale at Flea Market Paris
Blue tray by Georges Jouve
Bear paw ashtray by Mathieu Matégot and Georges Jouve