Guy de Rougemont

Descendant of a great noble family, Guy du Temple de Rougemont is above all a visual artist.
In the 1960s, he left France and went to Andy Warhol's Factory, where he learned the technique of silk-screen printing.

When he returned to France, 1968 was underway and it is to him that we owe the proliferation of silk-screened posters on the walls. Often flirting with design, he leads urban development projects as well as a production of furniture whose columns, flags and cloud tables are the most appreciated and sought-after results, in France as well as in the United States.

Guy de Rougemont is a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts.

Guy de Rougemont's works of art and furniture for sale on Flea Market Paris
Totem by Guy de Rougemont