Jean-Claude Farhi

Jean-Claude Farhi (1940-2012) is a French artist of the Nice School.
First known as an assistant to César, he worked initially around engines that he transformed and painted.

At the end of the 60s, he discovered PMMA and was supported by Iris Cler and Pierre Restany. He then started a production of objects that he perfected until all visible traces of assembly disappeared. His colored columns play with optical effects and the circulation of light.

Tempted by architecture, Jean-Claude Farhi affixes a work in Plexiglas on the façade of the Novotel Hotel in Nice. Nothing better to convince Bill Gates to commission a sculpture for his own home.
Passionate about shapes, Jean-Claude Farhi also approaches the use of Corten steel to create monumental works.

Works of art and furniture of jean-Claude Farhi for sale on Flea Market Paris
Pink sculpture by Jean-Claude Farhi
Pink disc by Jean-Claude Farhi
Large column by Jean-Claude Farhi