Louis XV style

The Louis XV style is the entry of femininity in the French furniture. Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV, was the elegant and refined incarnation of this style. Lighter furniture is built in curves and counter-curves to unfold in curves and decorated with rocaille motifs inspired by nature. Garlands of flowers, fruits and asymmetrical acanthus leaves, in sculpted wood or bronze, give all their cachet to the furniture of this period where marquetry in precious wood is sometimes competed by the appearance of decorations in lacquer from China introduced in Europe by the East India Company.

The Louis XV style was also characterized by the appearance of new furniture, which renewed the conception of interiors redesigned in small rooms, boudoirs, alcoves and salons. Among these pieces of furniture, the Bergère in its multiple variations, the Fauteuil à la Reine or the Cabriolet.



Bernard Van Riesen Burgh, Jean-François Oeben, Jacques Dubois, Roger Van der Cruse, Mathieu Criaerd, Nicolas Heurtaut, Jean-Baptiste Tilliard, François et Nicolas-Quinibert Foliot, Jean Gourdin, Avisse, Louis Delanois, Jean Nadal.


Louis XV style antiques for sale on Flea Market Paris
Louis XV style mirror in gilt wood and bronze
Baccarat signed, French Louis XV Style, Gilt-Bronze and Crystal Chandelier
Stamped by Louis Delanois, French Louis XV Period Pair of Cabriolets Beechwood Carved Bergeres