Murano glass

Murano glass is known all over the world and remains forever attached to the island of Murano where it was born. 

A long history indeed and a centuries-old tradition, since the first furnaces installed in Murano date back to the thirteenth century, probably due to the arrival of Byzantine craftsmen who came to take refuge in Venice after the sacking of Constantinople.

Since that time, the master glassmakers have jealously guarded the secrets of the manufacture of Murano glass, not hesitating throughout history to eliminate offenders who, in exchange for a little money and a social position, would have been able to deliver their skills.

Moreover, the glassmakers have largely participated in the fame of Venice and its wealth to the point that we find in Murano Casin, places of pleasure and money that will give their names to our contemporary casinos.


Murano is also the name of great glassmakers involved in contemporary creation, such as Barovier & Toso, a company founded in 1295, Seguso, Pauly or Venini, whose pieces are sought after by collectors.

Murano glass vases, lights and furniture for sale on Flea Market Paris
Blown glass vase "A fili" by Carlos Carpa for Venini
Sommerso vase attributed to Flavio Poli for Luigi Mandruzzato
Pair of blue Murano vases by Alberto Donà
Pair of sconces in Murano glass, 1980's
Pair of sconces in Murano glass
Coloquinte in Murano glass
Bronze and murano glass chandelier
Italian Murano chandelier
pair of blue lamps in Murano by Alberto Donà
Chandelier in murano
Chest of drawers with 6 drawers in Murano glass
A pair of Murano lamps, 80's
A chandelier by Paolo Venini in Murano glass
Murano lamp base by Flavio Poli
Floor lamp in Murano glass
Pair of floor lamps in Murano - In the style of Venini
Murano "Chalices" Chandelier by Cesare Toso
Pair of Murano chandelier Pastoral by Pauly and C
Italian design glass tray in Murano glass
A chandelier by Paolo Venini in Murano glass
Murano Glass chandelier with orange discs attributed to Vistosi