Piero Fornasetti

Today, Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988) is credited with creating more than 11,000 pieces. Among them are decorative objects, tableware, furniture and even frescoes! 

Born in Milan in 1913, he began his career at just 20 years old by presenting scarves at the 5th Triennale of Milan in 1933. But it is especially in the 60's that his black and white universe takes all its dimension: unreal architectures, trompe l'oeil, frescos and often, the face of the diva Lina Cavallieri, famous Italian singer of the beginning of the 20th century whose first appearance goes back to 1952.

Close to Gio Ponti, he collaborates with him the series of almanacs, the line of furniture Architettura (1951) or the frescoes of the Bo Palace in Padua.