Pierre Antoine Bellangé

Pierre Antoine Bellangé (1758-1827) was one of the most prominent cabinetmakers during the Empire. Best known today for having produced the furniture for the blue salon of the White House in Washington, Pierre Antoine Bellangé had set up his workshop near the Porte Saint-Denis in Paris after having been awarded the title of Master Carpenter in 1788.

He was noticed by Napoleon's entourage, in particular Marshal Berthier, for his talent as a cabinetmaker. Little by little, he received numerous orders from the State to supply the Emperor's residences, from the Château de Saint-Cloud to the Château de Meudon and the Château de Compiègne. 
The Restoration did not keep him away from the spheres of power, leading him to produce the Salon of the Duchess of Berry in the Tuileries. In 1817, it was President James Monroe's turn to order furniture for the White House.

His son Louis Alexandre Bellangé and his nephew Louis François Bellangé are also recognized cabinetmakers and ensure his succession from 1825.