Pierre Rémy

Born in 1724 and died in Paris in 1798. Son of Pierre Rémy and Marie-Françoise Barat.
He was received as a master carpenter on May 8, 1750, when he married Anne-Catherine Chenevat, daughter of a carpenter, and moved to rue Beauregard. His workshop was located on rue Poissonnière where he was both a carpenter in seats, buildings and wood trade. His company went bankrupt in 1780 and he worked with the upholsterers Pierre Heurtaut, Houet and the sculptor François-Marie Chaillou.

His Louis XV chairs are always of large proportions following an ordered sculpture. They present similarities with the work of Pierre Heurtaud and Louis Delanois. His first "Transition" works propose very pure Louis XV forms, stiffened by neo-classical ornaments. From the 1770s, his production, although always perfectly executed, withers under the influence of the Louis XVI style.

Pierre Rémy's antiques and furniture for sale on Flea Market Paris
A pair of fauteuils à la Reine stamped by Pierre Rémy