Romeo Rega

Romeo Rega (1925-1984), who died at the age of 59, was one of the pioneers of Italian contemporary design, creating a number of iconic pieces, lighting fixtures and tables that combine Rega's blacksmithing skills with the use of materials that emerged in the 1970s, such as PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate).

Born in 1925, he began his professional activity by working with iron and as a blacksmith. A matter of luck or opportunity, Romeo Rega was chosen by the film industry to make the Ben-Hur tanks for the Cinecitta company. This first business deal opened the doors to the world of cinema where he made a solid reputation and conquered a clientele of Italian personalities. It was on the advice of Massimo Saraceni that he began to produce design furniture in series, thus revealing the Zeta console, the Obelisco lamp and the artists' furniture that he launched in collaboration with the artists of the Ripetta group.

Romeo Rega interior
Romeo Rega vintage furniture and lighting for sale on Flea Market Paris
Romeo Rega, Pair of lamps in chromed and gilt metal
A pair of green lamps by Romeo Rega