In lighting, a sconce is an ornament with a candleholder (or lamp) mounted on one or more branches and which hangs on the wall.

The sconce is an important decorative element in the world of decoration. Very fashionable in the 18th century, the sconce is the heir of the medieval torches that were eventually called "arms of light" because of their shape.

The sconces can originally plated on a piece of wood and resort to the use of metal. The most beautiful sconces are made of bronze, going from the Rocaille taste to the sheath and the baluster. 
The greatest founders and chiselers of sconces, like Meissonnier, Germain and Gouthières, worked the genre of the sconce to assert their genius. 


Meissonnier, Germain, Gouthières

Pair of wall sconces
Wall sconces in embossed papier mache
Pair of Children Chiseled Ormolu Sconces Decorated with Porcelain Polychrome Flowered Bouquet
Pair of sconces in Murano glass, 1980's
Two wall sconces by Italian designer Paolo Venini
Pair of gilded wood sconces with eagle decoration
6 wall sconces in sheet metal
Pair of sconces in Murano glass
Pair of sconces "Pineapples" attributed to the Maison Charles