Poster by Leonetto Cappiello for Triple-Sec Fournier

Poster by Leonetto Cappiello for the promotion of Triple-Sec Fournier-Demars.
Cappiello features a diabolical duo, and one of them is a woman. He had no trouble imagining the temptation in either sex. They are thirsty, it is literally hot as hell. The dominant red on the poster reinforces this idea.
The Fournier-Demars company specializes in the manufacture and sale of liqueurs. It is located in the town of Saint-Amand-Montrond, south of Cher. In 1865, Hyacinthe Fournier and his future wife, Marie Demars, bought a Saint-Amandoise confectionery, which was already producing some liqueurs. The birth of Triple-Sec Fournier has begun. The company will close its doors in 1995.

Colour lithograph on paper, Linen backing

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
45.7 × 0.07 × 61.4 in
XXth century

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