Galerie Origines

Galerie Origines Arles for FleaMarket Paris

The Earth. It is said that "in the beginning it was formless and empty". This earth, on which we take life, is the matter of all things. For the philosopher, it is sensitive reality, everything that can be the object of experience. For Richard Vinatier, it is that of the creative gesture, of the hand of Man who shapes this matter to give it body, to make it the reflection of the living, to make it a work of Art.

Thus created, the object testifies to its creator, connects it to its sources, dialogues with us with the World.

Richard Vinatier has never ceased to visit the world's greatest museums, to collect rare pieces and to love them passionately.  

From the curves of tribal art to the arabesques of Art Nouveau, all these works attest to our origins and call us to the Universal, in a relationship that links us. The works of art inscribe us in a filiation.

Richard Vinatier wanted his gallery to match the pieces he presents: a unique place in the heart of an ancient city where the simple fact of pushing the door invites us to travel: a journey in a suspended time where each piece of art whispers in our ears its fragment of History, its little story of eternity.

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