Poster by Alexandre Cappiello for Biscuits Pernot

Poster by Alexandre Cappiello for Biscuits Pernot, colour lithograph on paper with linen backing, 1905.

« PAC = Pratique – Avantageux – Conversation assurée »
Advertising for the promotion of Pernot Cookies. It is one of the first brands to make canned prepackaged cookies.
The old Pernot cookie factory was located in the city of Dijon, in the Côte-d'Or in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.
A 1900 woman, all dressed in blue, goes to a grocer to buy a box of Pernot cookies.

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
43.3 × 0.07 × 62.4 in
XXth century
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Fine Art

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