Je vous aime by Yohann

#JevousaimebyYohann was born from a desire: to share discoveries and favorites, to reveal the work of artists and the genius of the hand of craftsmen who have another look at the world. 
Coming from the world of dance, Yohann Grandsire is also a collector. He likes to cross disciplines between Art, Fashion, Arts of the scene, it poses a glance attentive, like a blow of projector, on a creation which deserves to be supported and developed.

Yohann Grandsire

selected by FleaMarket Paris   Selected by FleaMarket Paris

From Untitled 057, Nanshan Street in Hangzhou, 09:24 20/10/12, 2021, oil, marble powder and acrylic on canvas, 200 x 260 cm.

Dimensions Length x Width x Height
102.36 × 1.96 × 78.74 in
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