Art is life. If the confusion between art and decoration has long been debated, artists and designers often play with the codes to deliver works of art that become design pieces and design pieces that become art. 
What remains is the pleasure of living with beautiful objects to give the final touch to an interior or to organize the decoration around some major works of art...

Aubusson tapestry, "Vers le jour" by Emile Gilioli
Totem by Guy de Rougemont
Ellen Carey Polaroid 20x24 Crush & Pull
Man's torso by Berrocal
Igor Mitoraj Untitled (torso)
Marble sculpture by Savy
Arden Scott, the Wave
Pink disc by Jean-Claude Farhi
Ceramic sculpture Le Carré aux Vagues by André-Aleth Masson
Set of ceramics by Denise Gatard
Blue tray by Georges Jouve