Behind this acronym lies the Atelier de Recheche Plastique, which in the creative effervescence of the post-war period brought together three of the greatest French designers of the time, namely Pierre Guariche, Joseph-André Motte and Michel Mortier. 
It was a time of tidying up and designers were creating products to meet a demand that was growing with the expansion of a nascent consumer society. 

The Atelier de Recherche Plastique was created in 1954 and allowed our designers to work on modular and modifiable enfilades according to a relationship to space. The joint adventure of Pierre Guariche, Joseph-André Motte and Michel Mortier will last 3 years until 1957, allowing them to give life to beautiful realizations which will be diffused by Steiner or Huchers-Minvielle.


ARP design
Furniture from the ARP designer group for sale on Flea Market Paris
Bookcase in oak and metal, signed and attributed to ARP for Minvielle, 1960's
Ash sideboard by ARP for Charles de Minvielle