Joseph-André Motte

Died in 2013, Joseph-André Motte (1925-2013) was one of the most important French designers and architects of the second half of the 20th century. Associated with Pierre Guariche and Michel Mortier, he co-founded the Atelier de recherches plastiques (ARP) in 1954. We also find him a few years later with the Group 4, created with René-Jean Caillette, Geneviève Dangles and Alain Richard.

Recognized by the profession for his tripod armchair in woven rattan, Joseph-André Motte remains unknown to the general public, despite his collaborations with the publishing house Steiner. However, his furniture has been one of the most widely shared by the general public, if only through the individual seats of the Parisian metro. We also owe him the design of the mythical Orly airport.


René-Jean Caillette, Geneviève Dangles, Pierre Guariche, Michel Mortier.

Joseph-André Motte furniture for sale on Flea Market Paris
Joseph-André Motte, Blond ash sideboard, 1950's
Armchair by Joseph Andre Motte