Jean Avisse

Second son of Michel Avisse and brother of Guillaume Avisse, Jean Avisse was born in 1723. A cabinetmaker, like his father and brother, he was named Master on November 10, 1743. Installed at 124 rue de Cléry, Jean Avisse produced furniture for the Duchess of La Tremoïlle, the Marquise de Chabannes, the Countess of Fontenay and the Chevalier de Lamotte. Some of the furniture he made is kept at the Mobilier National. They can also be found in some private collections, sometimes enriched with beautiful sculptures by J. F. Baillard, Claude Vinache or Pierre Rousseau. Collectors particularly appreciate his Louis XV chairs.

Jean Avisse signed IAVISSE in capital letters without separation and remained active at least until 1796 despite two successive bankruptcies.