Louis XV style Bergère

The Louis XV Bergère appeared around 1720 with the advent of the reign of Louis XV. It has undergone many evolutions and adaptations as a result of the innovations made by the carpenters. The Bergère can be recognized first of all by its full armrests which make this seat a comfortable object in which to curl up.

Like all Louis XV style furniture, the shapes of the piece are round, built with curves and counter curves. However, far from being fixed in a single appearance, the carpenters play with a general idea to create a series of Bergères such as the Bergère à oreilles, directly inherited from the century of Louis XIV, the Bergère à dossier plat, the Bergère à dossier violonné, the Bergère à dossier plat cintré.

All his creations are similar to a variation on the same theme: comfort and, more clearly, the comfort of ladies wearing basket dresses.


Louis XV Bergères for sale on Flea Market Paris
Stamped by Louis Delanois, French Louis XV Period Pair of Cabriolets Beechwood Carved Bergeres
Pair of Louis XV period carved and lacquered beechwood Bergères by Louis-François Mayeux