Pierre Chapo

Pierre Chapo (1927-1987) was a French designer, felt in love with wood after a meeting with a carpenter from navy, who registered in the Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1947. He cut his studies with many trips in Scandinavian countries, United States and Central America. After his return in France, he founded his office and continued his work with different species : oak, ash and elm. In 1957, he opened his gallery in Paris and exhibited his creations as the ones of some designers such as Serge Mouille, Isamu Nogushi and Charlotte Perriand. He received his first orders as the “Godot” bed ordered by Samuel Beckett. In 1960, he received the gold medal during the Exhibition of Arts and Techniques of Craft, organized by the city of Paris. He developed his furniture manufacture workshop in Clamart and participated to many development projects. In 1967, he exhibited to the Salon of the Artists Decorators and won a bronze medal. He contracted out with three workshops in Vosges including Seltz cabinetmakers. At the end of its life, he gave lectures about wood, cabinetwork, tradition and creation.

Vintage furniture by Pierre Chapo for sale on Flea Market Paris
Pierre Chapo, Coffee table model T18, 1960's
Pierre Chapo, Elm table model T14A, 1960s
Chair model S24 by Pierre Chapo
Pierre Chapo, Buffet in natural elm, 1960’s
Pierre Chapo, Low cabinet in natural elm, 1976
Pierre Chapo, Shelves cabinet in natural elm, 1976
Bench seat by Pierre Chapo pour Charlotte Perriand