Primavera is a mythical French brand, adored by collectors and antique dealers, born from the meeting between René Guilleré, president of the Société des Artistes Décorateurs and Pierre Laguionie, director of the Printemps store.
It was 1912 and the Printemps department store created in Paris by Jules Jaluzot was a great success and popularized the idea of decorating and marketing furniture, rugs and objects.
The name Primavera, a reference to the name of the Parisian department store Printemps, is also a clear reference to the painting by Boticelli. A source of dynamism, this name brings a breath of fresh air to the creation of its time and takes its full scope at the Exposition of 1925, where furniture, carpets and ceramics are presented with pomp, putting decorative art and Art Deco itself within the reach of all.
The mythical success of this adventure owes much to the 400 subcontracting workshops, such as Les Céramiques de Bordeaux (CAB), Sainte-Radegonde, Sarregemines, or to the names of the creators who popularized the brand until the 50s and 60s: Gisèle Favre, Colette Gueden, Claude Lévy, Sigismond Olesiewicz, Paule Petitjean, Madeleine Sougez, etc.


Lucien Arnaud, Emile Balon, Louis Baude, E. Bedu, J. Besnard, Edouard Chassaing, Charlotte Chauchet, Henri Chaumeil, Hélène Gatelet, Colette Guéden, Louis Lourioux, Abel-René Philippe, Madeleine Sougez, Marcelle Thiénot.

Primavera ceramics for sale on Flea Market Paris
Decorative dish by Marcelle Thiénot for Primavera
Pair of Art Deco Primavera pitchers
Ceres Art Deco plastermold, Primavera
Art Deco vase in white cracked by Hélène Gatelet for Primavera
Art Deco porcelain "Picnic" plates by Colette Gueden for Primavera
Plate with scalloped edges attributed to Colette Gueden for Primavera
Pair of octogonal Primavera Art Deco plates
Earthenware plate by Colette Gueden for Primavera
Art Deco ball vase in sandstone with 3 jumps by Lucien Arnaud for Primavera
Art Deco sledgehammer for Primavera and attributed to Lucien Arnaud
Art Deco biconical vase made for Primavera
Art Deco vase in white cracked earthenware for Primavera
Country girl at the market - Primavera
Large ceramic dish by Colette Gueden for Primavera
Pansu sandstone vase by Louis Lourioux for Primavera
Sandstone vase by Louis Lourioux
Cup by Louis Lourioux for Primavera
Art Deco ball vase by Marcelle Thiénot for Primavera
Pair of Art Decoratif masks for Primavera by Madeleine Sougez (attributed to)