Furnishing a castle with antiques. Whether you live in a Louis XVI castle, an Empire residence or a medieval manor, its decoration can raise important questions, sometimes difficult to solve between budget balance, fidelity to history and contemporary lifestyle.

The first step is to immerse oneself in the history of the place one is living in through the documentation one can find: possible photographs, similar residences of the same period, history of the former owners. The logic consists in trying to have a good perception of the volumes, of their luminosity but also to have an idea of the furniture and the colors which were in fashion at the time of the construction.


Finding exceptional materials

Very often, recomposing an old world means, first of all, finding original decorative elements that will serve as a showcase for the furniture and objects that you will take care to place here and there. It can then be a question of finding woodwork to dress the walls, solid wood floors or even period fireplaces and period Louis XV Style or Louis XVI style mirrors.

France remains the world's attic for antiques. Antique shops and some flea market dealers specializing in the salvage and sale of antique materials are still full of decorative elements that will allow you to create a true period décor even if you wish to bring a modern touch to the same period. We know all the dealers and can support you in your search for antique items. 

But you search, we find ! please,  tell us what you are looking for !


Finding authentic quality furniture

Finding quality furniture in antique shops, ensuring a balance between furniture and exceptional pieces, adding a few design pieces to stand out from the crowd can quickly become a real headache. 

The important thing is to start with your own taste, even if it is closer to a fantasy world than to historical reality. And above all, to take care of the rooms that are the reception rooms.

In fact, in his time, Louis XIV, who was already a formidable promoter of French art and know-how, placed silver furniture and gold objects in the Hall of Mirrors where he was to receive his commercial contacts, turning himself into a high-flying commercial ambassador...

An exceptional piece often makes the difference! And we unearth in addition to his exceptional period furniture, made by the greatest cabinetmakers, whether they are chests of drawers by Pierre Roussel or François Lieutaud or objects of great decoration that give a whole cachet to your home.


Sculpture of a woman, end of the 17th century
Carrara marble medallions
Empire Bench signed by Jacob Desmalter
Vitrine cabinet signed by Paul Sormani