The lights create the atmosphere! A decorator always looks for the essential elements that go into the composition of an interior: table, sofa, armchair and... lights!


Ancient or contemporary, chandeliers, wall lamps or floor lamps sublimate an interior and create a dialogue between the furniture of a same room. A bright light for the whole, a soft light to rest, create intimacy and read.


For each space its own light.

Barovier, Large Murano glass chandelier, 1950's (attributed to)
Rock crystal chandelier from the Maison Baguès
Chandelier basket of great quality
Ultimate Star chandelier by Alexandre Vossion
Nickel and 24 K Gold plated Diadem Model by Alexandre Vossion
Palais Royal French Louis XV period, Rare Gilt-Bronze and Cut-Crystal Chandelier Circa 1760-1770
Ultimate Diadem chandelier by Alexandre Vossion
1 antique Baccarat crystal chandelier
Baccarat crystal and gilt bronze chandelier
Rock crystal chandelier after Giovanni Battista Metellino
Silver chandelier from the Maison Baguès