Klaus Uredat

Klaus Uredat is a German architect and industrial designer known mainly for the originality of his creations, between sculpture and comfort object: they are an invitation to rest. 

After the creation of the Panton chair with Vitra in 1967, Klaus Uredat seizes the concept of the chair in molded polyester and conducts research to create the chair Targa in 1971 probably owes its name to the race Targa Florio held in Sicily and where the brand Porsche has been distinguished several times to the point of finally giving this name to one of its cars in 1965.  The aerodynamics and comfort of the car are both impressive. Produced by the German brand Horn Collection, this chair is no less iconic today than the Corbi seating elements, first exhibited at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany in 1972. 

Uredat - Flea Market Paris
Vintage furniture by Klaus Uredat for sale on Flea Market Paris
Corbi sofa by Klaus Uredat for Cor in 5 elements