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Desk and armchair by Philippe Hurel
Painting by Hippolyte Plantet 1829-1882 - The Court Of The Doge's Palace.
Painting by Emile Colinus (1884-1966). Bouquet of Anemones And Fruits.
Nickel and 24 K Gold plated Diadem Model by Alexandre Vossion
Ultimate Star chandelier by Alexandre Vossion
Claude Gorgu - Lacquered beechwood armchairs from the Louis XVI period circa 1790 from the Hôtel de Jarnac
Pair of paintings by Lucien Przepiorski, fruits, dogs and bouquets of flowers after Desportes
Palais Royal French Louis XV period, Rare Gilt-Bronze and Cut-Crystal Chandelier Circa 1760-1770
Painting by Angelo Pisani, View of a Canal in Venice, circa 1910
French Regence Period, Pair of beechwood cane armchairs, circa 1715-1723
Painting by Gine Aleksandr Vasilyevich - Fishermen in the Vaalam Islands, circa 1869
Painting by Johann-Jakob Ulrich - Fishing boat in the Breakwater, circa 1837
Painting attributed to Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich - La Pastorale huile sur toile circa 1765
French Consulate Period Pair of giltwood and Portor marble consoles
Triptych by Roy Lichtenstein
Aladin, painting by FAT
Family Portrait by Nicolas Denigot
Le Paysage des éléphants, painting by Laura Knight
PL19, Tre Pezzi armchair by Franco Albini
Wall light sculpture by Gaetano Missaglia and Giacomo Benevelli
Pair of glass sconces from Czechoslovakia
Butterfly mirror in Murano glass
The thinking sheep by Foncky-Two
Draft horse in bronze by Isidore Bonheur
The Dancers by J. Bernard, bronze sculpture
Crouching woman, bronze sculpture signed Volti
The Fox by Foncky-Two
Bear sitting by Guyot (Georges, Lucien)
The goose by Pompon
Pair of armchairs in the style of Chambon
Pair of armchairs by Joachim Teinero
Pair of green leather chairs by Hans Wegner
Pair of grey woolen armchairs
Pair of green armchairs by Hans J. Wegner
Pair of armchairs by Harry Bertoia
Coffee table with flowers by Hanskoal
Kinetic lighting mirror
Chandelier of the Baguès house with triangles
Amethyst and rock crystal chandelier
Danish rosewood sideboard
Stained glass window in the crested heron
Stained glass windows in the spirit of the Renaissance
Pair of gilt bronze and chased sconces
Poster by Alexandre Cappiello for Biscuits Pernot
Poster by Leonetto Cappiello for Cachou Lajaunie
Poster by Leonetto Cappiello for Mossant
Poster by Leonetto Cappiello for Maurin Quina, 1906
Poster by Alexandre Cappiello for Je ne fume que le Nil