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Pair of candlesticks of the Consulate Period
Curule of the First Empire period
First Empire period inkwell
Console with Egyptian women
18th century secretary cabinet
Reissue 19th of a Console of abundance by William Kent
Painting, young oriental by F. Tolnay
Diana discovering the pregnancy of Callisto by Cornelius Willaerts
Ventaglio Table by Charlotte Perriand - Cassina
"Famous" Silkscreen Prints By John Stoddart
Pair of Italian carved marble busts, circa 1850
Pair Of Italian Silver Penguin-Form Magnum Wine Coolers By Mario Buccellati
Mario Buccellati 20th Century Italian Silver Turkey
Buccellati Pair Of 20th Century, Italian Silver Lionfish
Amazons And Centaurs, Painting Carl Christian Forup
Pair Of English Victorian Silver Tazze By Alexander MacRae
Restoration period clock
Return of fishing, painting by Verreaux
19th century Japanese vases transformed into lights
19th Century Venetian Italian Round Mosaic Of Umberto III
Contemporary Pair Of Antler Candelabras By Anthony Redmile
Manufacture De Sèvres, Vase Model Decoeur N°14
Stoneware vase of oblong form by Vassil Ivanoff
Beige stoneware pot by Vassil Ivanoff
Manufacture De Sèvres, Vase model Anne Marie Fontaine n°2
Flared cup by Yves Terrien for the Manufacture De Sèvres
Ovoid Vase by André Plantard for the Manufacture de Sèvres
Vase of the Manufacture of Sevres by Jean Mayodon
Elegant vase by Jean Mayodon
Ovoid cup on heel by Jean Mayodon
Pair of armchairs by Paul Follot, ca 1925
Art Deco set for a living room by Rapin and Hairon
Pair of bedside lamps by Jacques Le Chevallier
Large Buddha in bonze of the XVIIth century
Maurice Dufrène's mahogany sideboard
Large ceramic cache pot by Eugène Collinot
Ceramic representing a Woman with a cup
Large ceramic rooster
Pair of modillions with grotesque musicians by Alfred Renoleau
Oval dish with blue background attributed to Victor and Achille Barbizet
Large dish with hunting scene by the Manufacture Sarreguemines
Round dish with crayfish and fish by Alfred Renoleau
Large ceramic dish with aquatic decoration by Alfred Renoleau
Oval dish by François Maurice
Ceramic dish with aquatic abundance by Christine Viennet
Large dish with crayfish by Alfred Renoleau
Oval dish with snake and eel by François Goras and Alfred Renoleau
Green leaf with three fishes by the ceramist Alfred Renoleau