Antique dealer's dictionary: styles and designers

How to find your way in the vast world of antiques, antique furniture creators and contemporary designers? How to recognize a piece of furniture in the Louis XV or Louis XVI style? Who still knows the great cabinetmakers of the 18th century such as Adam Weisweiler or the great bronziers such as Claude Galle? Who remembers the main furniture created more recently by Hans Wegner and who still talks about Joseph-André Motte, Pierre Chapo or Charles Minvielle?

This dictionary, created by Flea Market Paris, intends to define little by little all the terms met in the course of the objects proposed on the platform Flea Market.Paris. This vast lexicon, called to be enriched from day to day and from month to month of the names of creators or technical terms, provides opposite the objects put on sale on the platform that they are contemporary or created under Louis XIV, Louis, Louis XV, Louis XVI or Napoleon I or Napoleon III.

Enjoy your discovery, good reading and good shopping!

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